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Destiny Bible College is a bible-based institution of learning that affirms the authority of the scriptures, and believes in the integration of faith, learning, and ministry. The school seeks to promote the practicality of scholarly endeavor and the immediate application of learning experiences for the enrichment of one's personal and professional life.

The school's curriculum is designed to enhance each student's understanding and knowledge to foster lifelong inquiry and learning, to provide them with better capabilities of effectively witnessing the Word of Christ to the world, and to enhance their service to the religious community at large.


The Accrediting Commission International For Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries




If you are interested in the Undergraduate Degree Program, there is a possibilitiy that you may be able to shorten your degree time and subsequent costs by virtue of your past personal and professional experience.

You may maximize potential credits toward your degree plan because of your life learning and experience. YOu must submit a Life Learning and Experience Portfolio (LLEP). The Processing fee for this is $50.00 (application fee non-refundable) and will more than likely prove to be worth the cost and effort in overall scope of degree completion.

To apply for any Degrees, you should be at least eighteen years of age. We offer Associates, Bachelors, and Master Degrees. Doctorate Degrees are pending, but we award (2) Honorary Doctorate Degrees yearly.

*Associate of Religious Arts

Degree In Leadership

  • Homiletics

  • Biblical Hermeneutics

  • Apprentice to Leadership

  • Developing The Leader Within

  • Leadership Servanthood In The Church

*Bachelor of Religious Arts

Degree In Biblical Studies

  • Old and New Testament History

  • The Origin and Compilation of The Church History

  • Five-Fold Ministry Gifts-Part II

*Master of Religious Arts

Degree in Biblical Studies

  • Business In Ministry

  • Fulfill You Financial Destiny

  • Bible Speaks To Contemporary Issues

  • Life of Christ

  • God's Release of Women

  • Gifted To Succeed

*Doctor of Theology

*Certificate of Completion

(Special Course)

  • Prophetic Mentorship

  • Principles of Leadership

  • Leadership Protocol


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